Our Wedding Events

Our wedding events are staffed by professional and experienced wedding photographers

Our wedding photography is one of our most skilled specialties. Our photographers have many weddings to boast in their experience and it shows with the images they capture as they continue to impress clients and make the happiest memories last a lifetime.

Our standard process for creating the finished product for wedding images is broken down into three major parts. We shoot the wedding preparation in the morning, the ceremony and the reception.

Our photographers are at your hotel or home when the preparations begin. We aim to capture the mood, the energy and all of the final moments before the knot is tied. We shoot the groom and groomsmen getting together their ensemble in order to recreate the excitement and anticipation commonly felt.

Bridesmaids are assigned a photographer during morning preparations

The bride and bridesmaids are assigned a photographer for the various stages of preparation. These moments are some of the fondest memories couples have because the energy is extremely high with a mix of emotions. It is a very distinct part of the wedding day that couples remember and we make it look good!

The ceremony is another large part of our wedding portfolio. We start with arrival of the bride and groom and include just as many shots of the expectant faces of the guests. We look for emotion and beauty in the setting and will take just about every potential moment that looks frame worthy. We definitely recommend a minimum of an hour to assign for shooting at the venue after the ceremony is over, but our clients have final say about how they spend their time and where they would like the concentration of pictures taken.

The reception has traditionally been a favourite part of the wedding to look back on since it is filled with celebration and a lot of action shots. We continuously roam the venue looking for the best opportunities for natural shots. Our videographer will be continuously filming to ensure a quality reel with ample content that is worth revisiting.

Our photography is high quality and we give you the options to choose from 1000's of images

We don’t present our finished product without giving you the opportunity to edit and select the options for pictures to include. There will be more photos and footage so we do the initial screening. We always allow our clients the option of choosing form the large selection of images that usually number in the thousands.

We wish you the happiest of times and appreciate the opportunity to be a part of one of themes memorable moments of you lives.

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